What to Bring to a Job Interview?

Being invited to a job interview can be exciting and stressful at the same time. You aim to win the job and ace the interview. As you are going to prepare yourself for this big day, you will be wondering what to bring with you to this interview. Fratres will help you get out of these worries by offering the guidelines related to interview preparations and tips. Let’s get started!

  1. Go to the appointment:

First, you need to bring yourself to this interview. This is not a joke! You should bring yourself; it means you better don’t bring anyone from your family or friends with you. It might be stressful to have someone with you, who would pour all the worries to you with instructions like do this, do that, what time is it? When will it be your turn? Sit there etc..You won’t be comfortable if you influence this. You better go alone and try this experience on your own. If you think that you will be more encouraged with someone else, it’s up to you. The most crucial point is to be punctual and on time. If you face obstacles preventing you from coming, read this to know what to do

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2. Distract Yourself  

Of course, you will meet many applicants waiting online for their turns. You may come in the morning and return by the afternoon. So, you need to occupy yourself while you are waiting. You can read a book, a magazine, while you are waiting. You can also distract yourself with a mobile game. But, you better avoid chit-chatting with other candidates. They can, for example, make you more stressful and make you afraid of certain situations. They can give you a frightening impression of the employer. Avoid being sociable in this case. I wish them all the best and cut the conversation. You can also read;

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3. Documents:

a job seeker's documents

For this big day interview, you will not come empty-handed. You will bring your documents with you, including other items we will disclose them to you right away.

A Folder:

Being organized is of excellent quality. For this matter, you need a folder to store and gather your documents and keep them safe. It is better to take this precaution with you so that you don’t lose any of your important papers, or accidentally drop them on the floor or get your coffee poured on them. A folder will save your documents from all these accidents. Employers can ask you about your achievements, here is how to answer;

How to Answer: What Do You Consider to Be Your Major Career Achievement?

Several copies of your resume/ CV and ID card:

You have already applied to this job and submitted your resume online or through a mail. But this is not enough. You might need extra copies of your resume and ID cards. Who knows, maybe your file goes missing, or something happens. Always equip yourself with additional copies of your important document.

CV (resume) - Office templates & themes - Office 365

Business Cards

Business cards are the classic Way to get professional networking and to promote for yourself. You can also bring them with you and use them in case you need them.

Portfolio/Work samples

what to bring to a job interview

If your bag can carry examples of your work, go ahead and take them with you. Or else you can use a particular way to store these samples on your mobile. You can easily click on an email send button to show your employer your designs and work. Customize your online portfolio from here:

50 Free Portfolio Website Templates 2020

A Pen and a Notebook

An interview can be an occasion to learn new things. That’s why you need a pen and a notebook to take helpful notes. You also need to use your pen to sign on papers or fill up a form or an application paper. You better use your equipment these days, since the Coronavirus is widespread these days.

A Hand sanitizer and a Mask:

a hand sanitizer

These days, we are all facing the dangerous spread of CoronaVirus. That’s why you need to take your precautions when you leave your home. Wash your hands multiple times, especially when you touch a door or any free item. Use a hand sanitizer very often, especially after using the lift buttons, the toilet. Avoid shaking hands or being in a gathering place. Avoid any contact and don’t touch your face, nose, or mouth.

A Bottle of Water and Perfume:

Stay fresh and hydrated for your interview.

These were the things that you need to bring with you to a job interview.

  • We will recommend you to avoid bringing your child if you are a parent.
  • You should not bring anything to your employer other than your folder and portfolio. Don’t bring a gift with you to your potential employer. This act will not be viewed as the right gift. It will be considered as bribery because you are not an official employee, and there is no occasion to exchange gifts.
  • Once your turn comes to get interviewed, switch off your phone or turn it to a silent mode.
  •  Stay away from people and keep a reasonable distance between them to avoid the chances of getting affected by the Virus. For more protective tips, visit this link:

Necessary protective measures against the new Coronavirus

Demonstrate your understanding of the company’s culture by answering briefly and effectively to the questions. Remember, there are others in line waiting for their turns to get interviewed. Having a lengthy conversation with managers will not show that you are an interesting employee. It only shows that you are a talkative person. That’s it. Just answer correctly and with confidence in your interview questions. Be friendly and optimistic. If you find this article very helpful, give it a thumbs up.


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