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How to Write CV for Internship

 In the professional as well as the academic world, applying for specific positions is based on a CV. As there are limited opportunities, such a document is needed to select a particular candidate among so many others. As a student, you are supposed to experience a professional experience known as an internship. So you start thinking, where would you request this internship? And how to approach supervisors for that? The answer to all these questions is making a CV for an internship.

Why Do You Need a CV for an Internship?


An internship is already an opportunity to introduce students to the professional world. Some college majors consider internships as an essential part of practicing their studies. For example, in the medical field, an internship is a must for potential medical professionals to get practical experience, to deal with real patients in the future. Like professional opportunities, an internship might be for a limited number of candidates. For instance, a hospital will not accept all the medical students for training. There will be a limited number of internship positions, which are devoted to a certain number of applicants. Other students will be sent elsewhere or wait until their turn comes. As the competition is fierce, you need to prepare a good CV that enables you to get an internship opportunity near your place. For taking the right decisions, check this article; How To Choose The Right College Internship

How to Write a CV for an Internship?

To write a CV for an internship, you need to be a student, who is:

  • About to graduate from university
  • Applying for a practical experience in the tech field, medical field, or accounting and finance

You need to specify where and when this internship will take place. Make a list of the places in which an internship is possible for you. Once you decide the final list of the possible internship opportunities, start writing your CV, following these steps:

how to write a cv for internship

  1. Personal information

The first step in writing your CV is to put your personal information. Write your name and contact information. Make sure that you are putting an active phone number and an accurate email. Your name should be positioned at the top of your page, in the title place. Do not write the acronym CV or Curriculum Vitae as a title.

Then, your name should be followed by your phone number and email address. It’s better not to include your home address, as it might be taking a huge space at the top of the page. Put your personal information briefly and concisely.

  1.  Profile

As a professional CV includes a personal statement, a profile is similar to this opening statement. It is introducing your CV in a few lines that do not exceed five sentences. Your profile includes information about you and the reason why you are applying for an internship. For example:

An MA student is computer science, seeking an internship in this company for 3 months to get the opportunity to practically invest computer knowledge and skills, aiming to gain experience.

  1. Skills

Since you are a student and you didn’t graduate yet, this means that you are crafting a CV with no work experience. This situation will introduce you to consider the importance of your skills in filling up the professional gap. You should also keep in mind that employers receive hundreds of CVs, and they will only focus on the top information of every CV. That’s why you need to list your skills, after your profile.

In this section, you have to include soft skills and hard skills. You should also put some essential skills, similar to those mentioned in the job description. For example; you can list:

  • Verbal and written communication skills
  • Organization/ time-management.
  1. Education:

In this section, you will mention your recent qualifications. It can be your current final project year. If your degree is superior to high school levels, list it first, followed by the institution’s name and date of obtaining that degree.  

  • If you have achieved any other training or coursework, you can also list it in this section.
  • If you are on your way to get your degree, you can put it in and include that you are currently working on that degree or an auspicious date of obtaining it.
  1. Hobbies and Interests:

As a student, you should have some hobbies and interests in which you invest your time. This section is not an optional one. Your hobbies and interests should be related to your internship or your professional perspective. Try to list positive and productive hobbies that grab the attention of employers and offer a positive impression about you.

Download you CV template from here; 10+ Sample Internship Curriculum Vitae

6. Achievements:

This section includes awards and certified honors you have obtained during your academic journey.

Do you want to know what comes next after submitting your CV? Check this out; How To Prepare For An Internship Interview

Internship CV example:

It’s time to show you a demonstration:

                                               Your name

                                           Your phone number

                                            Your email



A ( mention the specialty) student at (mention the university), seeking an internship as (mention the position) in ( mention the place) for ( mention the period) to get practical experience, for investing academic knowledge and skills, aiming to gain experience.


Excellent communicator

Well organized



Your recent degree, college/ institute, date

Bachelor degree, high school, date

Hobbies and Interests:





Won a college/ sport competition (if available)

a sample cv

Do you want to work, but you don’t have experience? Here is How to Write a CV with no Experience

That was an article on the CV for internships for students. Try to get this professional opportunity to get a hint about professional life. Don’t forget to join Fratres for further professional updates. 


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