How to Start a Career in Photography in India?

Do you want to become a professional photographer ?  If you ever want to know what it takes to become a professional photographer, you are in the right place!  Fratres will show you how you can turn your love of photography into a source of income.

Is it Easy to Become a Professional Photographer in India?

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Well, to be honest; it's not. We cannot recommend you to quit your studies or career for something, where it is not easy to reach the professional level. A career in photography requires a lot of skills and talents, not to mention the right equipment. Although it takes a lot to reach your ultimate goal, the possibility of becoming a professional photographer requires these steps.

1-Provide the Appropriate Equipment:

After providing a camera, it is better to use a tripod. This tool has  a rectangular base. The inside stands bases help to adjust the position of your material. You should also provide a light ring or if it is not affordable for you, you can use the daylight if you have a large window. Get ideas about camera items and equipments, from here;

Digital Camera, Lenses, Covers and Related Accessories

2- Angles:

The right angles in photography make miracles. An image is not the same from different directions. A photographer has to choose the right angle to take a picture of any person or landscape. angles of a camera reflect different characters. Find the right angle, by following the tips here; How to Make Your Photos More Creative Using Camera Angles

3- Represent an Eye-catching Thing:

Taking the picture details is a must. Many films show photographers as being ready to take any picture right away. However, in real life, they spend a lot of time looking for the best picture’s spot and story. Occasional moments can make a big picture. For example : When you are covering a festival, take a snapshot of the religious sentiments, customs and traditions of a particular person. Make sure you take a snapshot of the theme from a further distance.

4. Choose the Best to Click:

There’s a mistake that many photographers make. They tend to take photos from one point to another. But from time to time, the photographer has to get out of that theory and take the picture from a distance, like taking pictures of huge crowds, like celebrations, festivals, and landscapes from a further angle.

5 .Manual Focus:

It works well when you zoom on the subject. However, it shows the unwanted details that were unclear from a remote place. That’s why you need to edit a zoomed photo to enhance the image quality and to publish an error free work.

6. Editing :

photo editing

Color correction and skin color are inevitable in an image. You can learn to work with basic image editing software. You can also take editing courses online, or from a well recognized institute.

7. Make a Portfolio:

A professional photographer always has a portfolio that covers projects and professional history. Don't delete the photos that seem useless for you. Keep them. Use a program for your photo library. Organize them in terms of name, detail, and description. Your photo library has a lot of utility that allows you to sell pictures at customer requests. So, you need to make a portfolio and attach it to your CV or resume, once you decide to work for an agency. Make an impressive portfolio, following these samples;

12 Stunning Photography Portfolios Examples

8.Apply for Agencies and Get Projects:

Agencies that are related to modeling, advertisement, travel and tourism hire photographers from shooting projects. Apply for a specific agency and get your contract with them.

9. Self promotion:

Photographers make a lot of efforts when it comes to promoting for them. They use social media such as Facebook, Instagram to show samples of their photo. They can also exhibit their service through freelance hiring platforms.

10. Protect your Work:

Some photographers cannot put their signature, brands or names on their photos. That’s why many photographers use a copyright claim against the people who can steal their work.  Protect your work by adding a copyright notice or disable downloading or copying your photos from your web page. For more protective tips, read this;

How To Protect Your Website From Image Theft

Can I be a Photographer without Having a Camera?

mobile photographers

Why not? Smartphones are able to offer a practical alternative to different types of cameras. A professional photographer is not about having the latest expensive cameras. If your mobile provides high quality pictures, you can build a professional career with this tool. Think about Instagramers. Not the majority of them are using professional cameras to exhibit clothes, food, and even beautiful destinations.

How to Become a Professional Mobile Photographer?

Anyone who has a cell can simply grab a cell phone and take a picture. But, only a professional photographer can take an attractive picture of the objects that can match the professional camera footage. This doesn't mean that it's hard to take a great picture through your phone.


The most important captured element can be realized through a smartphone.

1. Choose the appropriate spot location.

2. Select the focus through pressing on the screen, until a box indicates the focus point.

3. Turn your smartphone into a professional  camera with the new Pictar Pro handle.

4. Edit your photos before uploading them on social media.

5. Sell your photos. Do you want to know how? Check this out; How to Sell Photos Online: For Both Amateur and Pro Photographers?

These were the fundamental tips to start a career in photography. Try to follow the majority of them. Again, we inform you that such a profession requires patience. You have to be patient to make your dream come true.




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