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Easy Online Jobs which Pay through Paytm

The internet is considered as a significant investment. This network has long contributed to the ease of life of many people. Making a profit from the internet is no longer a myth. Fratres will show you the easiest online jobs that secure a real living. Nowadays, many people are escaping the nine to five office work. This article will help move from a boring office to online job opportunities.

1.Online Typing Jobs:

Typing documents is the most prominent job offer online. Many companies are looking from home-based typists, who can write the records, with a fast and accurate language. This job depends on your proficiency in the language. If you know the medical vocabulary, you can apply as a medical transcriptionist. You also need to concentrate, especially when they are native speakers in the tape.

2. Online Marketing:

This field is known as e commerce, digital marketing. It is a recent business plan that is based on selling goods online. If you are talented at any trade or design, there's definitely a market for you. Of course, you can sell your creativity through websites, social media on any occasion. Online sales are viral in India and elsewhere. You can join a digital marketing company or launch your own online business project through Etsy. It is a top-rated platform where you can exhibit and sell your goods.

3. Online Tutoring

online tutoring

Online learning is becoming very popular as students find it comfortable to learn from home. This job requires offering your tutoring services online. You can explore the demanded subjects for tutoring and arrange with parents the tutoring time and fees.


This is an occasion to get money out of producing sponsored analytics. First, you need to get hired by brands to do product-specific analytics. Sites like Gambit and Grapevine are good places to find paid care. Over time, grow your audience, gain influence, and build more work by reviewing the products you love.

5. Advertising:

Some people believe that online ads are not lucrative. Advertising online is considered as a source of income, depending on the marketing process. If you work for updating an active Website that sells products or services, you can make money by simply advertising and copy-pasting its links. Your commission is created every time the user clicks on your links, or buys something after clicking.

6.Content Writing:

Content writing is an online job that is based on increasing readability and providing content for internet users. There are many ways to get this job. You can either write for your customers or build your blog and get accepted by Google Adsense. If you write articles for your customer's blog, you can engage in reputable platforms, including links to your customer site. Your customer will be prompted to publish a word about your services and improve your search engine ratings. Do you want to write about technology? Check this article;

How To Become a Technical Writer; Education, Jobs, and Salary

7. Sales Associate:

sales jobs

Providing cost-effective items can be considered as an online function. If you have the skills that let you access demanded items, you can get clients that will be happy to pay more for the products that you're providing. You can also read: Why is Sale the best possible Career in India?

8. Photographer

If you want to take pictures, you can quickly turn this hobby into a source of income. Here are some ways that photographers can make money online:

  • Making Photography Tutorials: some people do not know the way to use a camera, how to enhance the photo quality or how to use some camera items. It’s your online job to help them learn the secrets of photography. Exchange valuable advice and technology that aspires photographers like you and make some money
  • Selling Digital Posters or Photos: Sell your photos on stock websites such as Shutterstock, iStock, and BigStock. These websites are the most popular image databases. The amount paid for each download is usually low, so you should bet on the amount and load new collections of photos regularly.

If you are interested in photography, read this: How to Start a Career in Photography in India?

9. Web testing:

Testing web sites is an essential process to offer good online functionality for many online actions. If you are a computer science graduate, software testing can be a freelance mission, for you that might become a real job. For more information, check this out; 

How to Start a Career in Software Testing in India?

10. Author, Translator or Editor

If writing is your power, passion, and talent, you can easily turn it into a source of income. A lot of people aren't very good at writing, editing written materials or comprehensive descriptions, or even social networking posts. A large crowd is happy to outsource these tasks. For example, there are many websites or blog articles that only need editing, proofreading, or translation for other visitors who don’t speak English.

11. Graphic Designer:

graphic designer

In our digital age, graphic designers are more demanded than ever. If you have some skills and expertise in graphic design, you can promote the different online work like:

  • Logo design
  • Mobile app design
  • Business cards
  • Advertising, banners and marketing materials
  • Leaflets, brochures, electronic books
  • Presentation or any Illustrations


These were the easiest online jobs that you can find in India. For better job opportunities, join Fratres. It is a worldwide job search engine with a free career advice section. Choose the job you want that suits your skills and knowledge. It is better to work from home these days to stay safe.



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